CEONet is a national network of community foundation CEOs that help each other do their job. It facilitates useful learning from peer CEOs and from issue and organizational changemakers.

Community Foundation CEOs are at the forefront of building connections within and for their community – with local leaders, nonprofit organizations, donors, resident groups, government entities and regional and national stakeholders. With the help of board members, staff and local volunteers, CEOs bring these actors together as needed and leverage action, resources, and collaboration to catalyze and create positive impact in their communities.

CEOs face a set of challenges and responsibilities that are unique from other foundation staff, who generally have more specialized jobs. Besides being chief strategist and leader for the board and staff, CEOs must stay abreast of local, state, and national issues/trends; identify good practice for managing and operating the community foundation; and spot and adapt the latest innovations and thinking on how to build strong, healthy, and vibrant communities – and the foundation’s role in it.

Our Mission

To provide every Community Foundation leader with an inclusive network of peer-to-peer connections, field-enhancing resources, and programming to support and elevate their unique role strengthening charitable giving and providing community leadership.

Our Vision

Community Foundations leaders are connected with one another and relevant resources, innovating and empowering the field and each other, which results in inclusive, strong, and vibrant communities.

Our Strategic Priority Areas


Bringing community foundation leaders together, and providing the tools and training they need, to leverage their influence and unique role to be a bridging force in their communities.


CEONet provides meaningful opportunities for CF leaders to connect with and support one another; share best practices, thought leadership, trends, and resources; and learn together from issue/content experts; commitment to nurture intentional collaboration and partnerships with other PSOs to leverage expertise and programming and reduce redundancies.


Effective and efficient infrastructure; a growing and diversified revenue base to support and maintain appropriate staffing levels.

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From Our Members

Aubrey Patterson

"I have reconnected with peers across the country which leaves me less isolated and more energized about my work. CEONet is uniting and mobilizing our field for even more impact."

-Aubrey Patterson

Hutchinson Community Foundation, KS
Eileen Ellsworth

"I have been able to discuss some important, emerging areas of interest with national peers and level set the work of community foundations. CEONet has the potential to advance the Community Foundation field and actually 'disrupt' traditional ways of thinking about our work and purpose."

-Eileen Ellsworth

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, VA
Steve Adams

"As a newcomer to the field, I feel more confident in my ability to lead my community foundation because of the invaluable advice from CEONet events and opportunities to interact with other CEOs. I think CEONet has the potential to provide a strong underpinning for increasing the reach and impact of community foundations around the nation."

-Steve Adams

Community Foundation for North Central Massachusetts, MA
Steve Joul

"My favorite thing about CEONet is meeting colleagues from across the country and learning from one another how we can make a greater impact in our local communities."

-Steve Joul

CommunityGiving, MN
Molly Kunkel

"My favorite thing about CEONet has been connecting with other CEOs from across the country because I always come away inspired by new ideas. CEONet is enhancing the field by building a peer network which makes CEOs feel more connected and supported."

-Molly Kunkel

Centre Foundation, PA
Melissa DeLaet

"CEONet has the potential to make a lasting impact on the growth of our sector by providing resources, education, and sector wide research. We are setting CEOs up to be successful with real tools that make their jobs easier."

-Melissa DeLaet

Greater Grand Island Community Foundation, NE
Kristi Knous

"I am grateful for CEONet because I finally feel reconnected to my peers, and it uplifts me to know we are making a real difference in growing the skills, collaboration, and connection among leaders in the community foundation field."

-Kristi Knous

Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, IA
Walker Sanders

"CEONet provides the critical infrastructure and connections needed to help us navigate post-pandemic challenges that range from managing and building culture in a hybrid workplace environment, to building public/private partnerships and for addressing hyper-local community issues in a highly partisan national climate.  I am able to draw upon the relationships I have created through CEO Net to help me think through strategically best practices for dealing with these issues."

-Walker Sanders

Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, NC

“CEONet provides valuable educational programming while also creating an environment that helps our field leaders know, like and trust each other.  This amplifies our individual impact and provides countless opportunities for leaders to work collaboratively to enhance our communities, regions, states, and nation.”   

-Mike Batchelor

CEONet Founder and Current President of the Pennsylvania Community Foundation Association
Kevin Murphy

"CEONet provides a valuable way of connecting with colleagues and having 'those conversations' that are tough to have at home.  It’s a place where CEOs from a wide range of foundations can explore the issues they have in common."

-Kevin Murphy

Berks County Community Foundation, PA
Business team co working in modern space

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